Aoni Onsen in Kuroishi

If ur nearby in Aomori or Hirosaki, don't miss out Kuroishi in autumn season as they have splendid spots to visit around! 
There are buses that help u to get around but lucky us we got a lovely guide ! 

First we went to lake Iwani, (Rainbow Lake) then Nakano mountain, owani bashi and lastly Aoni Onsen.

This place is famously known for not having electricity and using lamp oil.
The aroma of firewood is very strong and very relaxing to soak in it.
How to get to this Onsen with public transport?
From Kuroishi station, take a bus to Iwani lake then take another shuttle bus from there to the hotspring. More info of time can be obtained from their tourist information centre.
 Here's the entrance of the hotspring.
Entrance fee about 500++ yen and as we enter, we saw lots of lamp oil.
There are 2sides of hot spring area. One would be through their ryokan(hotel) which is limited to 30mins. Another one out of their ryokan area(no time limit)
First one we would passby the ryokan and see their rest area.
And some employees working.

Then after crossing the bridge of river, there are 2diff hotspring. one seperate gender, another one mix gender. The female hotspring has outdoor one but it wasn't warm enough outdoor compared to indoor. Yet, there is a nice view of the waterfall n autumn colours to enjoy while soaking in the hotspring.

Here's how the mix gender one looks like.

And then after 30mins we went to the another hotspring of of their ryokan. They have indoor ones with lovely autumn leaves view and outdoor tub with the view if the river.
The aroma od wood here is much stronger than the one in their ryokan and it was extremely relaxing and nice to be alone. 

And Here is some view on the way there. Ps. The road to Aoni onsen would go off road and it's very exciting an adventurous as it seems like we were  going through the forest !

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