Autumn in Hirosaki, Japan


Hirosaki was where we went right after aomori and we were much surprised to see more autumn colours there compared to Aomori. 
The main park of Hirosaki castle had the best fall colours and the night illumination by the river were just so beautiful.
Hirosaki is not only famous for their castles but also the temples around. There is a mini Kyoto temple street but we were decided to check out the 5 pagoda instead and were amased to see so many fall colourd around there.
It was a nice day which was not common during autumn and we sure felt blessed !

The bus around Hirosaki only cost 100yen per trip but its not very frequent. It goes all the way to apple park whereby u can pick 1kg of apples for only 200¥
 However, it's a different bus to Iwakisan which is about 30min drive away from the city.

Well, since the bus to Iwakisan wasn't that frequent, we decided to hitch a ride there n was it was surely a success !

Here to read more about our hitchiking adventure to Iwakisan, Hirosaki !!


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