Making Sakura Art Craft in Kakunodate, Japan

It was sure awkward to walk into a museum and then everyone starring at us cause we were the only one in the traditional outfit. Well apparently it's not bad wearing a kimono for the 1st time !

But sitting down in a warm room making art crafts can be a bit too stuffy compared to just 

Kakunodate ( is where we are)  is famous for sakura kabazaiku, a Japanese traditional craftsmanship using the bark of cherry blossom trees. The work looks sophisticated and the smooth touch of the cherry bark shows the specialty and elegance of the craftsmanship.

Well, since we were in Kakunodate, we had the opportunity to go for a Sakura art craft class.
PS: This class is only available through a special booking. It's not a first come first serve basis.
Our first introduction was to choose a pattern design.

And there were some tree barks looking as if they were cardboards placed on the table.
The back of these barks were brushed with layers of dried glue beforehand.

It all started off quite easy as we were told to trace the pattern and then using a carbon paper, we trace it on the sakura bark.
The carbon paper leaves a mark on the sakura bark and we will then follow the pattern and cut it out.

 It was quite interesting as I was extremely curious with the tools and things around us such as the glue. We were told that this glue was made out of a cow. It was sure amazing to see that how Japanese are able to create an art just from using natural things even the glue itself.
Right after cutting out the design, We were instructed to used these ancient irons which gets heated up by the fire. Our teacher was very kind and thoughtful as he advice several times on how hot this iron can be and we have to be extremely careful with it.
However, we were astonished to see that he was so strong and was able to touch this hot iron with his bare hands. 
 We sure had a very perfectionist teacher that would always be there to help us and touch up the best of our art piece.
 He even took the effort to do some extra carvings on my bamboo designs and Christian's leaves.

The experience was sure one of a kind ! We totally would not have expected to learn so much from such a unique art craft, What more, we get to go back with a lovely souvenir in remembrance of this place.
Thanks to
 that made this wonderful experience possible !

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