My first time wearing Kimono in Japan

4year ago, when I was dating my fiancee, he asked me : " What would you like me to buy back for you from Japan ? "
I said : A Kimono.
And Indeed 4 Yrs ago, he bought me a full set of kimono from Japan,
 but I have not worn it yet.
Being my 4th time to Japan and I still can't believe I haven't wore a Kimono in Japan before. Well, this time; my dream came true in Kakunodate, Akita, Japan.

Upon our arrival in Kakunodate, our hearts were racing as we were super excited in getting dressed in a Kimono. It had always been a dream for me to get dressed in such noble traditional outfit as I admire the elegance and beauty of it.

The premises such surprised us as it turned out to be also a souvenier shop and free museum as well.

There we were as we arrived in a tradtional Japanese room where we were given the choice to choose the colour and patterns of our desired kimono outfit.

Well, beforehand, we had to style our hair first to suit up the Kimono look.

Whereas the men would just need to get dressed up without styling needed.
I must say He looked quite charming in the white underpants and wear.

It was quite hilarious when the lady placed in 3 sets of folded towels into his belly area. 
We then later knew the reason for it as the rich would only wear Kimono and having a big belly means you eat well and are rich. 

It took only few minutes and Christian was all dressed up and admiring himself in the mirror while I was still styling my hair.

Then, he left to check out the store decorations and surroundings.

On the other hand, I had at last done with my hair do and it was time for me to get dressed.
The first inner layers for kimono were light cotton cloth as I believe it was autumn and not that cold.
Their recommendations helped me in picking up the kimono colour that suits me best.
It was extremely interesting to get dressed up as I realized she also placed several towels on my tummy part as well.Well, this probably would differ from the men as it would work like a magic to make a women look slimmer instead. She also tied on layers of strings to support the kimono to stay in shape. Lastly, a touch of Obi belt which totally match my kimono made my day. I was so glad that they were able to find a colour that matches my desired kimono.

Before that, I always had an imagination on how painful it is to wear a kimono as some says it's kind of like a corset.
However, to me, it wasn't.
The lady sure tied the kimono well and it didn't cause any discomfort at all.
I was confident that I can even run in it.

It sure does feel like an upper class when you get 2 people dressing you up. 
I could imagine myself living in those days in the upper class group with servants dressing me up everyday. Flicking out of my dream world, I then realized it was all done and I was ready to meet Christian at last.
I found him relaxing in their garden and he was sure indeed glad to see how different I look like.

"Autumn is like a second spring whereby every leaf is a flower." - Albert Camus

And they sure did.
Sometimes , what we have seen on the media and heard of might be totally different when we have such experience personally.
I am so glad and honoured to say that I have or had tried on a Kimono in Japan and sure felt good.
As for Christian, he had some issues wearing those high heel men slippers but sure had lots of fun feeling bigger in size. Well, he now won't feel bad having a bigger tummy in future as it would mean he's rich and well fed then. 

Plus, the Next day tour turned out to be much more awesome !

We got to Make our own Firework
Check out their Factory
And experience
A Private Omagari Firework !

Interested in this tour?
Email: and 
check out their website
 unique experiences in Akita, Japan .



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