Omagari Hanabi (private Hanabi)


As the sunset, we got ourselves ready, put on more layers of coats and waited till it gets cold and dark.

And our heart were filled with joy and excitement in a colder environment. As we all silently wait and get out cameras and phone ready.
Everyone stood calm and need not to worry for a good spot as there were lots of space for our little group. And there it came : Puffff !!
And all we hear is the sound of clicking cameras and firework explosion.
At that moment, I wish my eyes won't blink.

As I wouldn't want to miss any moment of this beautiful artpiece.
Time sure pass fast, and one by one it went by as the CEO explains the type of firework being released. For example: the 2 colours Peony firework or the combination fireworks.

And then just within a blink of an eye, it was finished. Such fireworks were the Best ever I had seen in my life. It was way much different than the ones we've seen back in Malaysia. The typical one coloured firework with random aims. It seems like the fireworks were choreographed in height and directions when firing during a combination. They were like an artpiece, explained and demonstrated.
It was surely different from a normal celebration or festival kind.

This short firework presentation in Omagari 
was impressively simple and personal.

To me, It felt like a wedding proposal.
It was beautiful and I was sure glad to be able to witness it with my other half.

Here to View the full video parts of the fireworks in Omagari.

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