How to get to Tazawa Lake

Coming from Morioka, 
We decided to pass by and check out the famous Tazawa lake.

I actually asked a local japanese friend before coming here about What is the Story behind the Golden Statue.
He replied :" Ah~just some Rich Old Japanese Lady wana let herself remembered and famous so she just put that statue of herself there ~ "

LOL !!!! Obviously I didn't believe that cause it seems like my 

friend don't bother about it anyways so I googled about it !

OH BOY.......... there were too many myth about this!

About Tazawa Lake
This lake is not only known for the myths but also as the 17th deepest lake in the world.
It has a surface elevation of 249 meters, and its deepest point is 174.4 meters below sea level. 
In the 1940s the lake had become so acidic that it could no longer support irrigated agriculture. However, despite such phenomenon , there is still a type of fish being able to survive in this lake known as the Kunimasu (kind of trout).

Arriving in Autumn, we gaze out the car windscreen admiring the beautiful colours of autumn leaves on a gorgeous blue sunny day. It was surely the prefect weather to come to this lake.

And indeed it was. At last we arrived at the point of viewing the famous golden statue and the shrine in rememberence of the love story of Tatsuko and Prince Hachirotaro.

Erected in 1968, this golden statue stands on the shores of Lake Tazawa, the deepest lake in the entire Japanese archipelago. Now there are various versions of stories and myths on Tatsuko and one of them is this.

The Myth of this Lake 

Tatsuko, is one of a kind because of her natural beauty. She lived in the village nearby Lake Tazawa. Tatsuko is a very beautiful girl and she went to the shrine for 100 days to pray to God for eternal young beauty. 100 days later, God said “There is a fountain deep in the mountains, go there and drink the water. Then, your wish will come true.” She went deep into the mountains and found the fountain. She drank the water from it. However, she kept getting thirsty so she continued drinking the spring water from the fountain. She realized something strange was happening inside of her body. She cautiously peered into the fountain and was surprised to see a dragon. Suddenly, the earth caved in, and a huge lake appeared. It soon came to be Lake Tazawa as we know it today. She went into the deep center of the lake and decided to live there. On the other hand, her mother looked for Tatsuko and later came upon Lake Tazawa. She heard the news that Tatsuko encountered the dragon. She grieved and threw a piece of pine firewood into the lake. The firewood transformed the fish in the lake.
According to the myths, the love of Tatsuko and Prince Hachirotaro were so deep that their love warms this lake that causes it not to freeze during winter. We too find this place beautiful and romantic as well.
But oh well, there wasn't any beauty spring fountain around here for me to drink to have eternal beauty. 
 Somehow, I kinda think these kinda myth are created just to promote tourism or the olden days, people just like to create some myth cause they were too bored. 
But anyways !! It's worth coming here for the view though ~

This scenic view of the golden statue with the calm lake and colourful mountain view was just enough to make me feel contented to be here in Akita and see such beauty of mother nature.

Not far from Tazawa lake, we passed by Gazanoishi Shrine. The Striking red torri gate facing the lake caught our attention. What was more entertaining was that 2 ladies were singing by the torri gate.

Walking close to the shore, we see how clear and deep this lake is. It was quite worrying as we would not want to fall into this deep lake. But I can swim though~~~ still it's quite freaky cause this lake is kind of acidic maybe the fish species here are monstrous too ~(Spoooky) 

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