Totoro tree in Shinjo, Japan

The night of our arrival to Shinjo was interesting  as we were expecting a female host as the profile picture had a female in it !
 But then we were greeted by a tough male dude n were super surprised ! 

And then next, he drove us to somewhere really dark and rural without street lamps and that made us super worried.
But long story cut short, we were brought to a Country side called Mamurogawa and there,
we met his manager and his huge house with Japanese BBQ dinner ready for us.

Our stay with them for 2 days were difinitely the best experience so far eventhough I spoke limited Japanese.

Anyhow, we got to know that apparently this country side is closeby to the Totoro tree which is in the Totoro movie.
How to Get Here by public Transport from Shinjo Station

There is a Shinkansen that comes all the way to Shinjo Station and in Shinjo,
just go to the tourist information centre and they will inform you what public buses goes to this place.
Take note, please eat before you get there because this place is quite rural there is not much restaurants around.

We were lucky to have our friend driving us around and was surely surprise to know that this place wasn't that develope and famous despite of this unique Totoro Tree !!

As we reach the location, we spotted the tree from the parking lot and thought,
Oh~ it must be a few trees combining together as it looks huge.
Walking towards there is surely not far and you get to see some Soba plantations around..
We bought a Totoro toy before in Tsurouka and decided to bring it together for a picture ! 


Totoro didnt wana go back to his Home~ 
He would rather come back to Malaysia and Norway with us ~ :p

And This is only 
Not a combination at all !

I was sure impressed !!!

Well, if you are driving pass this area, 
I do recommend to come check it out !!



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