Unique place to visit Autumn Japan? Mount Nakano, Kuroishi

If you are wondering where to go in Japan during Autumn which has less tourist crowd and up north in Tohoku Japan nearby Aomori , come here and surprise at their nature  on Mount Nakano, Kuroishi ! 

Thanks google, we were recommended the day trip from Hirosaki to check out Kuroishi 黑石.
Why ? Because they not only have gorgeous scenic spots but also nice hotsprings.

How to Get there ?
It's quite easy to get there from Hirosaki trainstation and the ticket fare price was only about 500Yen for 30min ride.

Arriving Kuroishi, there were buses that will get you to Mount Nakano. 
Just check out the tourist information and they will give you the info you will need.

Well, we were blessed to have a local guide from Kuroishi and she brought us around.
The first place nearby was Rainbow lake which is actually a man made dam.
There is also a bus that can get you to rainbow lake and from here is where you can get shuttle bus to Aoni Hotspring.

It was quite a grey day but what unique was our guide told us in this area, they have November Sakura. 
Meaning there is a special species of sakura here that blooms in Late autumn! Indeed she was not joking at all ! We did spotted some blooming sakuras!

Only 5 min drive away from Rainbow lake is Mt Nakano.
When we arrived, we were shocked to see how beautiful this place was compared to the rainbow lake. The autumn colours were still at it's peak and so colourful.
This place is also known for their Tako Yaki ! Look at how huge the Octopus they place in it !

Other than that, we also tried their freshly made red bean cakes~

A hot warm snack for a cold cloudy day.

The colourful autumn leaves were just beautiful enough but what we did not expect was to see some mini waterfalls around as well.

I sure did dress well on the top but not my skirt at all ~

The colourful autumn leaves are like flower petals.

And me being still new to my new handphone, I have no idea where to smile at the camera at all.

And so, if you ever comeby Kirosaki in Autumn, don't miss out this place as 
it's such a beautiful place to not miss it out !

Plus, Aoni Hotspring where it's out first hotspring centre that have no electricity at all is nearby.


~Travel to see the beautiful of mother nature and to share to the world ~


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