How I Hitchhiked and learnt Japanese

Travelling in rural parts of a country 
even Japan can be real tough when depending on public transportation.

And then, we started to learn how to HitchHike.
But the next problem is.. COMMUNICATION.
I had never learnt Japanese in schools or centre ever.
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I still remembered the first time I tried to hitch hike with my thumbs up in Kawaguchiko lake
4 years ago turned out to be a failure as the lady stopped and showed a hand gesture for me to cross the road.

Then, I gave up in the hitchhiking idea in Japan until I saw a japanese friend on Facebook posted on a picture of him with a signboard stating TOKYO 
*that's when I got the idea on how to Hitch Hike in Japan !*

2nd Attempt 1 year later and
my 3rd time to Japan!

We took a ferry from Amakusa to Nagasaki Island and that turned out to be the worst travel plan 
and there was No Bus stops around the ferry port.
Everyone had a car but not us.

And so... We decided to Hitchhike for the first time to
 Obama Hotspring and it was successful with the board ! 
2mins of waiting time only !!!

But there was a Problem..........
I can't speak Japanese.
We only know how to say thank you and bye bye.

The first Hitch Hiking experience was surely enough boring and worrying as we couldn't communicate where exactly we want to be dropped off at.
Yet, It was still interesting as we could try to communicate with hand gestures, map and some english words that sounds like Japanese eg: McDonalds (Ma ko Do na ru )

Well next, from Obama hotpsring we did the same thing and
 tried to Hitchhike to Nagasaki city centre !
This time, we hitched a mini bus for the disable company.
The young employee knew English and I started learning by just asking:
"What's this word ______ in Japanese?" Or 
How do you say _____ in Japanese?
All those words I learnt were just mere vocabs for a conversation
for example :
 Job, small, big, cheap, expensive, far, near, spicy,sweet, pretty, kind.

And then, I started using these words commonly every time I meet others in the hotspring, 
strangers to ask for directions, and ultimately the most conversations would be with the Japanese whom can't speak English that gave us a ride.

In most circumstances, 
Most of them can't speak English at all as we only hitch in rural areas.
 It was only Nagasaki we hitched hike in the 3rd trip 
and that sure helped me a lot as I realized I could have a little conversation with broken grammers.

On this Autumn, MY  4th time to Japan,
We travelled Tohoku region and hitch in more areas 
but not long distances and it sure helped me more as
I had learnt a lot of new words and found a very useful app that can offline
translate what they mean 

Comparing this to google offline translate,
it works better as you can guess their pronunciation of certain word u don't understand then type the romanji ( english pronunciation) in the JED and there it was have a lot of meaning where you can find it relating to the conversation.

This was extremely handy as a lot of them can't explain certain words in English and it helps a lot to mix and match the clue in guessing what they meant.

Ps: I'm also learning Norwegian at the same time and maybe I was thinking
I should try hitchhiking in Norway as well !
But the difference of Norwegian and Japanese..
( Norwegians speaks good english )

Here's just my experience in picking up languages 
and I am hoping to be better in these languages in future !!



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