How's it like to hitchhike a Trailer Truck in Japan !

Being my 4th time in Japan, 
this would be my second time where we challenged ourselves to hitchhike further distances.
If you are still a newbie to Hitch hiking
Here's some piece of advice of 

Hitchhike is not because I am Poor.
Well, to most people, they would think hitch hiking is a poor man's solution as they wouldn't have money to pay for public transport or taxis.
However travellers like us that love to travel rural parts of Japan, 
we are left with very bad bus time schedules,
or places where there is no Taxis, nor even Buses.

Apparently, from my previous trip hitchhiking experience for the 1st time in Nagasaki,
I found out that such method had helped me a lot in learning how to speak Japanese.

At first, I didn't realize at all but after awhile,
I realized I was able to have normal conversations with Japanese people 
and it sure feels great.
read on this link for more..( I don't wana get off topic here)
How I Hitchhiked and learn Japanese

So, coming all the way to Lake Aizu, 
we had no idea it was sucha rural area as this place was recommended by our local friend.
Apparently, it's quite off season and there wasn't much activity to do around there so we thought of walking away from the touristy spots to the more agricultural part.

However, the further we walked, 
we didn't realize that there wasn't any bus stops around.
And there we were, laying among the agricultural farm and gazing at the beautiful Mt Bandai.

After sometime walking and feeling a bit tired, we then only realized
 we should get going to our Next destination but there was No Bus Stops at all !

I always had my marker pen and A4 paper in my bag and then I suggested we hitch hike.
Standing by the roadside for 10mins, 
We sure had no luck and almost wanted to give up.
It's always when we see a trailer truck, 
Christian would immediately fold the paper to not show them 
as it would dangerous for them to stop by the roadside.
This time, we totally didn't care cause there wasn't much traffic at all.

There then. Christian told me :" I think the trailer truck dude gave me an EYE CONTACT"
I replied: " Nah.. No way , It's Japan~"
Then he turn back and saw the Trailer truck parking by the roadside 300M away from us.
Christian told me to look and I still couldn't believe it and there
 we saw the driver coming out of his trailer and waving at us !

I took off my sign and immediately ran towards the truck.
My heart was Screaming :
" NO WAY !!!! I can't believe Im gonna sit on a trailer truck for the first time ever !"

And indeed, the first thing we did was to take Picture !
Here's where we walked to~ 
As usual, I get to practice my Japanese and tell of where we are about, how long we are in Japan and then get to know about him! Apparently he drove all the way from
 Nagoya and was from the city of Toyota and just got married this year ~
He also knows a lot of Yakuza details enough to explain to us
where are the dangerous parts in Japan with Yakuza fights around.
And he was the Youngest driver we met so far, same age as me 25 ! 


One interesting part is that, there was No Seat for me at all.
But there is a Bed for me instead !
This place is like a mini room for the driver and when they drive long distances, 
the place where I am sitting is where he sleeps at night.
Even during winter. (he tells us how Cold it was)

"HIDE!! HIDE !!! "
he suddenly said as we were passing by the toll gate.

I quickly hide under the blanket when he said then.
Later he then explained Why he told me to do that.

According to their law, extra passengers would make the insurance void.
And he was driving goods for the company containing wrapping materials.

We were quite astonished by how he drive without steering the wheels with 2 hands, instead he grabs onto a pimped up knob connected to it and rolling it as if he was playing a game.

As usual, beside him is a mini TV which is a huge distraction but
 long distance driving can be really boring so such entertainment would
at least keep him awake.

I remembered once, he went the wrong way and had to find a place to U-turn and it took a long time to find a place to U-turn as his truck was way too long and big.
But guessed what !?
He did the U-turn around the paddy field path area and
surprised by how narrow the path was,
He was able to do it !

Life is such an adventure and I am so glad we have so much interesting experience from
hitchhiking itself. We have met so many kind people and made new friends on the road.
Ultimately, I do not think Hitchhike is a poor man's way of saving money but a connection string for people in this society to learn humanity and kindness.

And I am of course glad that such method sure helped me a lot
 in learning Japanese language from scratch!

I hope my travelling stories would inspire others to travel as well
and see the beauty of this world not only lies in nature
but the hearts of our humans.




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