Japan Budget night Bus :Tokyo to Aomori with Willer Express

Since there wasn't any cheap airline that goes to Aomori from Tokyo, 
Plus with d Shinkansen extravagant price,
We bought bus tickets with Willer express for only
5,000 yen !
Ps. Purchasing them separately for a couple would also be cheaper. 

Other than that you can check out their Bus Pass; 
3 days for 10,000Yen , or 5 Days for 15,000Yen.
Which you can choose to travel to any destinations they have. 
Their main centre is located at Shinjuku and super convenient to walk there within 20mins.
The bus centre was extremely organize and have a nice waiting room ambience. The system was clear and with English speaking announcement so we can understand too.

The journey from Tokyo to Aomori would be a night bus and it saves a lot for not having an extra night in a hotel.

What a steal !! As we all know accomodations in Japan can be really pricey~
And here, we were about to enter the bus and it looks big , safe and modern.
Their Interior is very interesting as this is my first time seeing seats wtih cover and they provide blanket too. Since we bought separately, our assigned seats were different but thankfully the bus wasnt full, we were able to seat side by side. 
PS. Their arrangement for single people would be female pair and male pair. 

But u can also book the single seats that will be placed in the front.
We started our journey and had to hear the tv information annoucement in 4 different language. Eng, MANDARIN,Jap and Korean.
And then a soft voice annoucement from the driver which wasn't that long. CHRISTIAN told me previously without the Tv announcement, the driver used to non stop speaking softly on the mic for sometime like a chant for those who dont understand Japanese.
After the announcement end in 30mins
THE LIGHTS will dim off during the journey and the driver will have close the curtain covering the front view windscreen which I think was really a good idea. 
Sometimes I get worried if the driver drives dangerously and can't fall asleep from just starring at the windscreen.

The seats were definitely comfortable and reclines back with a footstool in front.
Plus I totally didn't need any eyeshade as the shield was good enough .
The bus would have some stops but the lights wont be bright so people like me wont realize for toilet breaks and sleep well lika pig throughout the journey!

That's all !


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