Komachi Shinkansen experience in Japan


From Morioka, there are not that much local trains around to get us to nearby destinations.
However, they have the Shinkansen instead !
This is by far the most surprising station we had been with all Shinkansens only parked here. 
And our ride to wait was the Red, Komachi Shinkansen.
As usual, the train arrive on time !!

Ps, You can pay Shinkansen ticket with Credit card at the counter if ur up for some points !
The Seats are comfy and 
Big glass windows to look out !
Here, there are stewardess trolling food or snacks around to supply your need.
And honestly, its not overpriced at all!
The guy standing beside was very drunk and had been drinking bottle of red wine.
Ps, you can purchase alchohol on board. Most around us looked like business men/ women but those drinking ones and talking happily are usually the retired people on their holiday. 

Here's d Menu price lists
and more choices from 100+yen only

PLus, they got a magazine selling super cool japanese inventions. I LOL so hard at it and the price is sure shocking !! Oh well, probably one day Daiso would copy and make it for only 100Yen.

It was such a lovely weather and we got to see very nice view, yet, it was kind fast for sight seeing,

Nevertheless ! We got to our destination real quick ! The Tawaguchiko Lake !

Ps. Every stations around have some decorations and here I sure did not Miss having a selfie with their dragon statue ! 

Don't miss out to experience the Shinkansen especially being here in Japan! 
It's definitely different than the other kinds of local train~.


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