Stay near the Airport in Negombo, Sri Lanka.


Ever seen aurora colours on a lake before ! Well, here's my first time seeing such beautiful colours and reflection on a lovely Morning by the lake of Negombo before we depart for our flight.
Negombo in Sri Lanka sure surprised us with such serenity eventhough it's quite of a city.
Transportation here is super convenient as well as food variety and plus, it's closest to the Airport.
Staying by the lake, our room faced this lake and the sun woke us up to show mothers nature.
Look how calm the lake is and reflecting the sky !

Ps. these photos weren't edited at all !

A[part from chillin by the lake, we also had spent some time with some cute furry pets around !

But then, soon around 9ish, the wind came and it sure felt good to have some breeze but the calmness of this lake disappear. Well, early birds like me got to see the good view at least !

So if ever u just wana chill or rest nearby the airport before departing or after a long flight.
Rest n relax by this area then !


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