Tsugaru Shamisen performance in Aomori

After a comfortable night bus from Tokyo,
finally, we arrived Aomori !!
Surely, the climate was much different and way much colder !
Apparently autumn seems to look like it's almost over in Aomori and 
due to the grey weather and rain,
we decided to do more indoor things in Aomori instead ~
Aomori was sure less touristy and nearest to the bus station is their famous 
Nebuta Lantern float festival museum.

In this museum they not only introduce the origin of this festival and there as huge lantern pieces in this museum to check out.

Not far is another museum ferry which is by the bay.
Back then the only way to get connect Aomori and Hokkaido is through this Hakkoda Maru ferry.

Too bad we had to rush to the next cultural centre to not miss their free Tsugaru Shamisen performance!

The cultural centre had a distinct look and is also not far from the bay area.

I got to take picture of the Aomori Mascot ~
(Ps; Do you know in Japan ,every prefecture has a mascot character? )

We went to the performance hall and there is a nice view of a pyramid glass house and the sea!

But then came the main performance and the sensei amazed us with this instrument.

We thought it was a guitar like instrument at first but it makes music that sounds as if there were 3 different instruments in it. 

We even made some friends with this old couple whom came all way here to recall back there love memories when they first met in Aomori. What a love story !

Here's a clip part of how the music sound like.


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