Abandon hotspring in Japan,Hachimantai

Everytime when it comes to winter,
most hotpsprings in some parts of Japan would close especially those outdoor ones as it gets complicated in maintaining them as well as less Japanese would travel during this period to places where it isn't popular for skiing.

For instance, here in North part of Honshu Japan, Hachimantai located in Iwate Perfecture. 
This area is especially famous in autumn for their colours as well as the scenic view from this high mountain range. 

Introduced by our local Japanese friend, we were brought to his favourite outdoor Hotspring which turned out to be closed.

Well, we of course decided to check it out !
Everything looks perfectly fine but there are some fallen leaves in the hotpspring water and it sure smells sulfuric.
The view was surely Amazing !!! 

Out of curiousity, we walked further in seeing thick smoke coming from the inner side of the Mt area.

And there we found the source of it !!
OUCHHHHHHHHh it was sure Hot but nice to warm me hands up a lil !!
I sure did not prepare for winter and snow here !

The vapors from the hotsprings just gives a lovely look to this area.

Well, we sure did not took a hotspring bath in here but nevertheless,

  It was sure a nice walk and place to check out !!
As how to get here? By car would be the best solution as there are no public transport to get here.



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