Swimming in the Gorge:Alcantara, Italy

I had been to Taiwan's Taroko Gorge, Japan's Takachiho Gorge , Grand Samaria Gorge( longest gorge in Europe, and this would be my first time Swimming in the Gorge  here in Sicilia, Italy !
The other Gorge around were too dangerous to swim but this one wasn't and it was such a beautiful Gorge!

Staying in Giardini Naxos, we took a public bus that would take us to Alcantara Gorge.
The ride was not that long about less than an hour and the view on the way were wine yards and the Mt Etna the volcano view.

The bus dropped us at the entrance or parking area and our first impression of this gorge was that it looked liked a theme park ! It was full of kids and families with picnic bags etc, and all we came with was just our towel and swimming stuffs. There was a ticket entrance and we were sure shocked to know the price was 30euro ! But then they explained that this area is an ecological or garden park and if you want access and tour to all plus lift , the package is 30 Euro. 
Whereas the ticket to enter without the lift, just hiking down and walking up urself is only 3 Euro. 
Well fair enough ~!!
Here's how it looks like from above.

and when reaching below, you can see the lift.
It was a hot day and a cold swim !
The water in the gorge is much colder than in the sea.
About 15-16degrees!

Just like in Norway~

But well, it's still much warmer climate in Italy compared to Norway.
And then we walk further to the narrow parts of the gorge where the waterfall is.

Its so cool to touch the rock formations of this gorge !

They were very unique 
Like horizontal arranged french fries

After some cold swim and purchasing some berries by the gorge,
we hiked back up to take a tour around the ecological park. They have maps of view spots to see different parts of the gorge which are more "dangerous" and even the source of it. Along there are also some lemon trees and it was lemon fruiting time ! Lots of lemons were on the ground !

Here's the dangerous rapid water zone

But, here, wher the source is...... looks peaceful.

Ps> They also got some fake animals around there with sensors and just making noise or walking by these fake animals would freak you out with some noise and movement ! Thankfull this dino wasnt working !
My hands would be wounded for sure ! The fake T-Rex teeth were sharp!!

And then, we were finished exploring the park area and went back !

It was sure a worth place visiting in Sicilia, Italy especially on  HOTTTT Weather cause the water here is cold ! At times I was even shivering !!



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