This is how Italian Market looks like in Sicilia, Italy

Wondering how does an Italian market looked like,
we spent our weekends off to check out the morning market in Randazzo Village , Sicilia.
This market only is available on Sunday.

According to the public bus schedules, this bus to this place only goes twice a day.
Meaning only one ride to go and another ride back.
and.. we sure have a limited time to explore Randazzo village but it was surely sufficient to check out the market and some spots around.

Well, during the eruption of the Volcano Mt Etna, most villages around were distroyed but Not this village and this place is known for their building materials which are made of the lava leftovers from the erupted volcano. 
That's why the old buildings look dark greyish!

There are also tours that will bring u here and explain the histroy etc but my main idea to come here was to check out their Market !!!! YEAH SHOPPPING!!
 AND OWHHH ! To my surprise , the market was not much differeont from asian market with lots of variety of food, and of course VERY NOISY !!!!! However, their food or condiments were so much different and we can even taste it !

It's surely a heaven to purchase cheese and marinated sausages, We bought one of their smoke spice sausages and it was one surely good spicy. One of the cheese even smelt like Bacon ! 
 Well not only that, I get to taste dried tomatoes and bought the Italian espresso mini kettle which was cheaper than in the stores ! PLUSS !!! I was able to bargain down 1 Euro ! (That's a lot since RM is so low now)

Well other than that, they also sell fake branded bags which looked like there were from China and also cheap bargains second hand clothes etc. Well, however , it's surely not a place for a place to get fashionable clothes! However, they do sell Cactus fruits though which is a must try and Not to forget they have Gelato Trucks too !! 
What I enjoyed most was the interesting yelling sellers and shoppers which is so fun cause they totally remind me of my home country except, in different language.
Its sure something I dont get to see often in Norway.

The market however closes in the afternoon and due to our time constraints we went to check out other unique or famous buildings around !

And OHHHHH we almost missed our last bus but the Driver was kind enough to pick us up from the road side !! 
However, the bus broke down half way and he had to fix it himself fro about 30min.

I felt pity for him but we were parked by the fountain stream with yummy water and beside a grape yard !
Of course, we all sure had some fun time picking grapes and feasting on them while waiting for the bus to get fixed!

Sometimes things can turn out shitty if ever you have a negative mind. Make the full use of a bad situation and you probably would find JOY in it instead ! It was sure an unforgetable experience ! 




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