We walked up to a Castle in Italy, and was shocked to find it Haunted..

Warning: Image are original, not Photoshop.

It was in Sicily, Italy.. 
A hot morning trip and a suggested picture on the brochure to visit the Church on this Village.

There was only 4 bus rides a day and we were left the only choice to spend a whole day here.
We were surprised that it wasnt a touristy place as we were the only passengers on the bus.
However, the view up here was amazing !!
The road was windy and this village was also much quiet than the rest.

After visiting the famous Mafia church and the street where the Mafia movie shooted. Our curiosity brought us up to the castle. Upon walking up, we bumped into an old fierce guy whom totally remind us of a mafia and he told us : NO , Not this way.. Go there... and He pointed the scary pathway up to the castle.
On the way up, we see abandoned houses, ruins and no living person.
Well, we never think much about it and thought probably the houses here are probably too old to refurbish. Little did we know what was awaiting us up in the castle.
The entrance to the castles were gravel and as we entered, day light, I felt a strong sense.......... Damn it's spooky.... I told the fiance Not to go in but he wasn't afraid. And I tagged along.

It was a pity, this castle had the best view !

The graveyard however continues to creep us as some on it were broken and we can even see broken coffins laying around.
There was even and underpath stairs that leads to a dungeon but non of us would dare to go there.
Even the church was abandoned as well.

Here, there is a view of another side and I just can't understand, such a lovely view and why, WHY?
Why are the houses towards the castle abandoned? Google search wasn't good enough to find out the reason behind it and so here, I'm placing a request for those Italians out there , who knows the story behind this place. Do let me know.

As for in being Haunted ? I honestly do get lots of goosebumps but saw n felt nothing.

Above all, we were grateful to be out of there in peace and found a ruined tower nearby where we get a view of us and the abandon castle behind us.

Surely, I had never thought in my life I would ever step into a haunted castle like this ever.



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