8 Ways to get Cheap YUMMY FOODs in Japan !

Everytime I tell my friends about Japan, they would presume that it's an EXPENSIVE country !!
Well, after travelling in Japan for sometime these years,
I totally disagree with it as comparing to europe or Norway, 
they do have cheap foods around !
PLUSSSS , most of their food are YUMMYLICIOUS!
And if ur not a Michelin Star fan or born with a silver spoon tongue,
I'd believe any restaurants around will do fine ~

1)CHEAP and Tummy Filling Japanese Fast Food !
Totally different from McDonalds cuz they burgers are western fast food!
Yoshinoya吉野家,Matsuya松屋, Sukiya, Coco Ichibanya etc
- These shops are very obviously common in the city and in the train station
-They serve rice in sets and the cheapest meals are the Breakfast set
-Free unlimited drinks
-You get to order with the cute machine with pics on em
-You can use their discount coupon to add on
( on the next purchase)
- My favourite meal is their Beef rice (牛丼)
And Not to try out their PORK DISH !
Here is the Breakfast SET !
Only 280Yen for all of these !

-Discount !!! discounted items in Supermarket starts from 6pm onwards.
The later the more Discount ! 20-50% 
-Look Out for those with Stickers on them !
-PS, Their Shashimi is difinitely more fresh than in our homeland and cheaper
So as their Sushi rice, dessert cakes etc
-Lots of Variety to choose!

4)Japanese 80-100 Yen Kaiten Sushi Restaurant
- Watch out for Japanese Kaiten Sushi Restaurants with the flags stating 100Yen !
Usually on weekdays are cheaper around 90Yen depending on the location.
Their Shashimi quality is not bad but not their rice.
Regardless how, it's still better and cheaper than in Malaysia nor Norway! 

5) Order a Set Meal and SHARE 
ps. Tiny eaters !
-LUNCH is always Cheaper n better deals!
-Ordering western meals in Japanese shops are usually not that big portion so best to order their Japanese kinda meal
-Fried chicken and japanese curry has high calories
-Some set meals not only come with rice but also noodles.
-This restaurant lunch set cost only 1000Yen and it was sure too much for me !

Here, in Beppu,
Naruto Udon set 600Yen for 
Oyako-don( Chicken & Egg rice)
Plus a XXL bowl of Udon is a MUST SHARE together with !!
The portion is just crazy a lot !
However, Udon makes u full very fast but also hungry fast.

6) Always smell the Ramen restaurant before entering
-Having tasted the BEST ramen in Fukuoka, I personally think the stinky smell ramen taste the best!
-Tonkotsu Ramen( Pork soup) is creamy and comes with lots of MEAT!
-They also provide unlimited drinks and side pickle veges too !

7)Japanese cabbage pancake !
Okonomiyaki ~!!

This dish is usually very filling too with lotsa mayonaise ~!!
Depending on the shops~ price range would be 500-800Yen !
Best to try this out in Osaka as it's their DISH !


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