Backpacking in Indonesia

For many years I have not much of desire to travel to Bali as I had
 heard rumous of couple travelling there would end up in a breakup ~

OH WELL, mine was totally not a breakup but near to Death !
The first day on our arrival we had a bunch of friends driving up
 to the famous Temple Besakih. Plus, that day... our camera died.....
On the way back we saw a dog got hit by a car and the mummy dog ran out in the road and tried to help the son but couldn't do anything. It looked really bad and we were all so sad.

It took us awhile to realized that was a bad hint when I was almost swept away by the roaring waves on Nusa Lembongan.
The mainland Bali was so touristy and we needed a break from the chaotic city roads so we went off to their island nearby.

Here to Read my story in Nusa Lembongan.

The fun journey begun as we took some risk leaving Lembongan as our cards couldn't work at their ATM. To our dismay, Nusa Penida was more rural and it also didn't work. 
We had no choice to swipe our cards and OH MY, when we got back we found there was fraud billing into our accounts! So beware of swiping them on the machines in Indonesia~
ATMs are much better~
However, this sad turnout to be worth it as we spent 5 days exploring this rural island.
We drove on rocky potholes and experienced the local kindness.

Read more about Nusa Penida here.

Seen some really unique sights and rock formation.
And got lotsa privacy !

Full story here~

Not to forget we took some Pre-wedding photos on our favourite beach.

Unfortunately renting a car here means not much of a use.
 Where only 1 best location reachable by car
Was amazed us was this temple with a mini entrance but then turned out that the inner space was huge enough to hide an elephant.
And this was one unforgetable place as we carefully step down the steep cliff of stairs made of wood and partially corroded metals.
And of course we went next to UBUD and liked there a lot and
 next proceeded to Lovina for their dolphin watching
We saw Lotsa dolphins however it was a heartache looking at how many tourist chasing those dolphins. The boat ride to the ocean was worth paid Rm60 per person.
Next from Lovina we went onto Jawa by their ferry.
Rented a bike and......
HAD the BEST Photos ever ! We were sure surprised that in the afternoon it's not that touristy at all !

At first our initial plan was to proceed all the way exploring to Jakarta but due to the unfortunate hints, we decided to Cut it short and left from Surabaya.

Here's from our previous first trip together to Indonesia and Lombok was surely unforgetable.
Read more on this link.

Honestly, Bali was totally different than Java with lots of clean and nice hotels, restaurants.
Java, in the rural places can be quite inconvenient and it would be best to get a bike rental to see things yourself or situated in a tourist zone. The Buddism in Bali VS the Muslim religion in Java also differs a lot as you would see more women in covered scarfs as well as more Halal food.
Well, that's just part of South Java I had experience!
Still gotta check out North Java !!

Even if I stay put my heart will travel because it's in my blood.


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