Learning how to Fish in Norway

This Summer, I learnt how to FISH the Hard way !!!!
without a live bait !!

I fished before with real baits and it was sure easy ~
I never thought that fishes can actually be caught with Fake toy fishes !!

Well, they do, if you are good are faking the fake fish movements to look real ~

This time, I got to try learn fishing in Son, Norway.
This cozy little town not far from Oslo city has a really nice fjord and
to my surprise,
we spot a baby seal by the shore when we were there !
Too bad we were fast enough to take a picture of it ~
It was my first time having sucha LUCK!

Fishing Lesson 1#

I've learnt to have a choice, the easy and boring or the hard and fun way.
So i choose the kinda hard and fun way.
A fishing method to catch mackerels.

I had a fish like metal fish like bait and the first thing was HOW TO Throw the rod.
I got the semi- auto rod so it was quite easy.
Swinging the ROD and letting go off the string at a 45degree swing.
I had to make sure no one was around me and i started of really bad letting go off too early and got my hook hooked onto some bushes nearby.
After some practice, I got it !
But then it was the technique to pull up the strong slowly and letting go in some secs and pull it back and doing that repetitively.

At first it was fun~
Then, it got a little more fun when we see fishes chasing the bait.
But then... the fish didn't eat the bait at all !
And then I got tired.

Then, I decided to go for the easy one ~
The easy one was like a squid like gooey toy and all I have to do is sit and wait and pull the rod up n down. Just like this..... ahhhhh some time to relax !
And guess what I caught ! Not fishes but my hook went to the bottom and caught on a mussel shell with sea urchins in it !

That's the caught of the day as we fished in the afternoon which is kinda the bad time.
It was still fun to learn this method though !

Here's an underwater silk painting wax art , Batik by me.
Check out my new site: Nordic Batik 
where its a gallery of my wax art paintings.
Thanks for the support !!



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