The View of World's End from Sri Lanka's highest village.

Train rides in Sri Lanka is the Best way to explore and look around. 
So we took the ride to the tallest village on Sri Lanka known as Pattipola.
The train to get to Pattipola would be of more cargos as it needed power to incline.
So the first thing upon arriving here, is to wait some time and if you are daring enough , just hop off the train and check out the train employees manually removing the hook of the cargo as then later they would not require much engine to go downhill instead.

Here as we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by their train manager.
He sure stood out among other train masters as he was all dressed in white ! Meanwhile, being tall for a Sri Lankan is quite rare too !
*nah, Im just tiny~

Well, feel free to walk into the train master office and check out their antique system of communication.
Believe it ! They are still doing moscow codes and calling from this old machines.
To get out of the station, one must walk on the train tracks as they do not have a proper exit or entrance. Just find wherever it looks like a pathway and what lead us next was to see the World's end from the village nearby !
It sure looks like THE WORLD's End Out there with the Dark clouds on that side.

Villages here were surprised to see us walking around as most would just hop onto a tuktuk and explore themselves.
Surprisingly, we find the tuktuk driver here less annoying as they dont really care to ask us if we wana go anywhere.

And we walked up to higher ground to check out the village.

This village was much colder and foggy that others. Of course wearing Saree kept me warm !!

Here's the view from the top of this village.
At the top of the hill, we"trespassed" into a local farmer place and they surprisingly welcomed us and we talked to them for awhile.

Life is so inspiring. This women single handedly raise her son from just farming.He can't speak much English but their hearts touched out hearts. They gave us fresh pulled carrots and lots of smiles, yet asked for nothing.  

And next, I stepped onto a cow dung !!!!!
Guess what??! I didnt ask or do anything just walked....
And Another local guy, walked in front of us quickly then showed me where to wash me legs !
He even opened the pipe for me !
How nice !!!!

This is the world we should be. So kind , simple and warm.

Travelling is surely the best Eye opener to a person's heart, mind and soul.



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