Top 5 places to visit on Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is one of those undeveloped part of Balinese island. However, this infamous island do have lots of gorgeous scenic location that would blow up your mind. It's a challege to get to their scenic locations and be prepared for some adventures ! Staying there for week to explore this island, 
let me show you what I think is Best places I had seen on this Island and totally recommend it !
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1)Pura Car /Car Temple

One of the easiest route to get over here by car . Also known as Pura Paluang. This location is a beauty reminding you a scenic view in some fantasy movies such as The Avatar.
The best view is just right before the temple, a grassland with small trees you can climb on to get a higher view of this gorgeous cliff view. Be careful not to fall off, it leads straight down.

Sunset view 

N here is how tiny it is! Only fits one person!

And it's a little bit bigger when we get in at first

The BIGGGERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

HERE to read more about this Temple n more pics

Nusa Penida's deadly paradise

Imagine 1hour ride on this road ! I sure did have a nice ass Massage ~

AND NOW, Let the pictures talk~

And pst.. we took some shots here too cause it was just us Alone on this Beach !

4) Peguyangan Falls by the Sea.

We make sure we had a heavy breakfast before hand and brought lots of snacks along after yesterday's incident !
And the entrance gave us a heart attack!

The stairways down was SUPER STEEEP and Big gap between them!

Almost 90 degrees down.

But it was sooo worth it !

And we spent 4 hours there chillin, takin some pre-wedding photos and watch the might waves crash onto those rocks~

5) Pasih Ugg/Broken Beach,the Cliff hole
This place is the BOMB!

And I dared him to go to the centre of the hole with his bike to greet the cows !

That that night we get back home safely all thanks to the Northern Stars.


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