MINISO Beauty Products Review化妆产品好不好?



Here's a review of the Makeup stuff i bought from Miniso China in Yunan, Lijiang. The liquid Eyeliners are very worth it whereas, their highlight pen and blusher are just OK only. However, I didn't like their BODY Lotion so I do not recommend getting their body lotion. Ps. Their Bags too are very good quality n worth it !

Well, After the Daiso craze, here comes Miniso and YUBISO into Malaysia and Singapore market!
Miniso has been growing so fast and their product marketing method is sort of the RIP OFF Japanese Brand, Uniqlo etc.

If you wonder if this Brand is well known,
YES It is, Much more than YUBISO
Here to see how many countries they are at now !

As for it being a Japanese sort of company, I haven't seen much their shops in Japan and the last time i went Tokyo was last Autumn 2015 !
Instead I found this Miniso shop in Lijiang, China 2 Years ago and thought of trying them out !
Well, I did test a lot of their products and totally not a fan of their moisturising cream or skin care products.
Instead, their Makeup items caught my attention and
I totally recommend the brand of Eyeliner stated on my Youtube.
They also had a fake Longchamp bag i bought and it was sure very versatile and I had washed it even , the PU leather hasn't came off yet after 2 years !

Comparing Miniso to Yubiso, I do think their makeup range is much better of quality and there were much more unique variety in my opinion.

Any questions, just drop a comment on my Youtube Videos !

Thanks for watching and hope this review of mine helped u in ur shopping decision making.


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