Taiwan's BEST Secret Island- Orchid/Lanyu

Our Journey to get to this Island was sure frightening as we had to fly through through the typhoon on their local airplane due to the strong waves in the ocean. 

Here's a picture of a secret beach a local friend brought us to.
It only happens in the morning where the tide is high and to get here, 
we had to rent a bike, drive through a mini typhoon and lastly walk on the volcanic rocks and climbing down into the caves to get into this secret beach.
The water was extremely clear and sea creatures seems to live happily over here !
We even spotted Nemos and beautiful corals beneath !

The Island isn't that big and 1 Day is good enough to ride a bike around it.
The only problem was that the wind was extremely strong on the other side that it almost blew our bike away !!
Thus, locals would prefer you to drive real slowly.

The views were amazing ! but the big waves were kinda terrifying !

see the difference on how such coral reefs and volcanic rocks formed a peaceful pool by the beach area !
I didn't have to worry about sea urchins either ! Only someparts have corals and are deep enough to dive and check out their underwater. But the shallow ones were good enough for a pool dipping !

The land is full of wild goats on the rocky cliffs and green pastures.

Plus, nice weird looking rocks !
More weird looking rock formations.

Houses and people here are much tan and are much much friendlier ! We even got invited to have some time with the policemen.

CAVES for Geeks like me~ 

Don't be surprise ! The aboriginal people here are mainly Christians !
Wild goat hiking as if it's easy !

And when we're back on our other side, it's less windy and the ocean is much more calm where the locals practice their boat race.

Here's where we star gazed at night and saw the milky way. And an Owl flew by during our drive at night. It look like a FAT Flying Cat !

The Most Unforgetable was surely this secret beach.

I Would come back here again next time and hopefully it's still there !!



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