What FOOD to try out in Sicily (Snacks)

What comes in my mind when the fiance told me we were gonna go Italy!!?

of course ~!! And It's quite unusual cause usually the first place ppl would travel in Italy would either be Rome , Milan etc but I went Sicily instead ~! There is just so much variety of food in Italy and here's the snacks we had tried during our week stay there.

Sicily was such a huge southern part of Italy and we were staying in Giardini , Naxos whereby it's full of beautiful beaches and Villages on the seaside mountain cliffs.
Italian food are just so famous around the world but it turned out Sicilian food was a but more different than in the Main centre part of Italy. 

Yet, we couldn't miss out their yummyliciuos 

In all of Italy, I strongly recommend Gelato of course!
Yet, the ones in Sicily would taste better especially on a hot summer day !
My ultimate favourite is their Pistachio and Kinder Bueno Flavour~
Get the CONE ! It' more worth and they fit lotsssa Icecream on it for 2.50Euro! 

Gastronomica FOOD or Snacks!

Hungry and tired from those walking tours, just stop by those shops naming Gastronomica and choose whatever they got on counter.
You would find the names of Pizza very different as they call Neapolitan Pizza ( the plain tomato pizza)

Sparkling Wine!
The famous one is known as Prosecco but try others too ! 
They all taste good !

AND Pannini which is their kinda Sandwich bread~
Sicilian pizza 
(Tuna pizza)

Tomato fried rice with cheese in a deep fried ball ~
Sounds very unhealthy but it taste sooo GOOD !

Canolli !!!!!!
This is THE BEST ! But don't just try those random shops, try the real bakery ,
famous one known as i dolci di Nonna Vincenza 

We love this shop patisceria and Gelato as well ! 
The Price is the same as other places as well ~ So worth it !!

Baked Cheese
This baked cheese was something I barely see in Norway and the taste of cheese wasnt that strong, 
it tasted more like a cheese cake as the cheese texture felt more like a baked flour instead ! 

check out their market to see more variety of cheese , suasages etc !
We even bought back a pack of spiced herbs sausage. It was so good ~!!
AND OH! I also found another cheese with chilli herbs and it smelt like BACON ~
( too bad I didn't understand what kinda cheese it was but it was THE BEST !)
Tasted a bit like Bacon and best pairing it with sparkling white wine !~

 Well, not to miss out to try their Lemoncello ~ It's available for room service, bars in the hotel and many other restaurants as well !
Well, our hotel provides a buffet variety and we were able to try out their horse salami and 
I don't think Im a fan of it as it gives a strong pungent after taste ~

That's all I can think of for now ~!
Thanks for reading 


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