How I made my own Norwegian traditional outfit : Bunad


Heya all !! Recently for the 17th May, Norwegian National Day , I made myself a look like Norwegian bunad as Im unable to find it here in Malaysia and it would cost a lot up to 2000Kr. 
Since it's just something temporary, I decide to mix and match some of my outfits which could pull off as the traditional Outfit.

Well, I sure impressed my Norwegian fiance as he was surprised I could mix and match out a look like one with just my normal daily outfits!
Let's be creative and who knows you might even make the traditional outfit look way much more trendy ! Just like those improvised Cheongsam or Japanese Yukata/ Kimono.

If you have more questions just leave down in the comments and I see if i can help you out with it !
Thanks and have a great day !!

Some says she's a model or a zombie makeup artist. But I say she's tight ass wanderer and traveller.

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