How to Learn Norwegian yourself


Hey guys !

I havent been to any norwegian language class nor live long time in Norway so here's some tips for those of you guys whom are wondering, hmm can I learn Norwegian myself, without a proper teacher or BOOK? Even it's a very very not common language
But HEY! Not as uncommon as Maldivian~
( And I learnt a bit Maldivian too -
It's been sometime I had been learning Norwegian from Home and have not been to a Norwegian class and if you are wondering, can you self learn Norwegian without going to Class? YES YOU CAN ! I can now even watch Norwegian movies or dramas without subtitles at all ! My method of learning Norwegian language is proven to be effective to only those whom puts efforts and are very keen and interested in learning the norwegian language. Pratice makes Perfect and I can't say I speak perfect Norwegian yet but I am still also in a Learning progress and I won't stop learning and so would you even if you think you are good enough. Norwegian language is useful as it also relates to Swedish and Danish. You might even find it easier to find job in Norway if you can speak their language well as it shows you made effort and am serious to be in Norway. Otherwise, you might find some language or group barier when surrounded by a bunch of Norwegians and not understand their funny or interesting conversations at all. So learn Norwegian Language and dont give up as you might surprise yourself !
So, YOU CAN !!
All you have to do , start, is just through YOUTUBE and some sites I had recommended on my videos !
All of these are my honest language learning journey and I hope such method I did
would help you out too ! Always believe, when you have a will, you have a way 

I'm still in learning progress but way much better than before !!

All the best !!

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