Visit Norway: Crazy Fun things to do in Oslo Summer!

Ever wondered how's like to be in Norw

ay during the Best SEASON?!
This time is where the sun shines most and the air is still in a cool breeze and you would not sweat at all !
Most of all , you would be able to see lots of Norwegian in this season as it's the only time where they can enjoy outdoor fun activities!
Don't just be like a normal tourist do the touristy things,
Do like what more Norwegians do and 
here are some recommendations on 10 Super Fun, Exciting, Crazy things you can do during Oslo Summer!
You won't regret cause Norway , 
is a unique country of it's own and there are so much to enjoy in this beautiful country!
Do let me know if you have any recommendations or suggestions as well then I can make a new lists!

Summer is coming in Norway and if you are coming to Oslo, here are some recommendations of mine which are not touristy at all ! Don't be too shy as these are common summer things Norwegians even do themselves. Norway summer is surely the best season to come for those whom are afraid of cold or not crazy about their winter aurora or Northern Lights. Well, for many years most European countries would visit Norway during the Summer as we all know Europeans love the Sun and So does Norwegians as well ! It's a holiday semester for kids and adults for long holidays and doing apart from the  typical 10must See in Oslo (which i recommended) is probably very common. Summer in Norway would be colder up North but Not for OSLO so if you are scared of the colder areas, south of Norway would be Best for you. However, you might missed out the Midnight Sun in the North though. OMG! Norway has so much interesting phenomenon of Nature isn't it ? So come to Norway, stop in Oslo and try out the fun summer things i recommend and travel to other parts of Norway so you get to see Other beauty of the Norway's nature, (The Pulpit Rock, Trolltunga, Harganer fjord etc!) However to Visit the Norway's beautiful Nature require some fitness as the road to get there is through HIKING! Well, at least Not Oslo! So try out the Graveyard Sun tanning or whatever you find interesting or cool in Oslo, Norway!



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