Asian Problems in Europe: Norway


Being in another Country far from your home might be fun at first but then tough in a long term as FYI I think Malaysia has the Best Yummiest Food Variety in the World !
 Migration is everywhere and most countries are becoming more of a multiracial country and so is Norway, Sweden,Denmark or Finland. (Scandanavia/Europe) If you wonder how is life in Norway and the challenges faced by Asians, me Malaysian especially, would be tough as the Asian stores here are mostly catered to other Asians ?! Surprise ! Not all Asians have the same taste, nor even look the same alright. We also do have language bariers among ourselves as Asia is so big just like Europeans or Scandanavians might also have different taste, culture, language.This little information of mine hopefully would help the Asians/Malaysians which might want to move to Norway or Scandanavian /European countries in future to know what you might face when you come to Norway. 
Well, It doesn't mean we hate the European countries or scandanvia.
It's just like Life we have problems but we got to face and overcome it.
My video here is not to talk bad about Norway but to express our certain frustrations getting adapted to a environment meanwhile embracing also the Beauty of it.

If your asians living in europe or scandanavian countries
 and you do feel my frustrations , Do let me know !
I'd be curious to know about it !!


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