Design your own Tshirt Online !

Have you ever thought of Designing your Own T-Shirt from Home and not even needing to Step out of your house to get it or deal with the designers personally ?
You not only get to express your personal creativity easily and deliver it as a Gift for that Someone ! 
(I did that cause I always think handmade gifts are the BEST Personal gifts ever~ )
You not only get to skip the Traffic jams , parking tickets and also the hassle to survey and communicate with the designers back and forth in order to get your T-shirts done?

Well, Here's a great solution and I got to try their Services !!
They are the  First ever Online-Tshirt custom make website in Malaysia and can deliver your custom make T-Shirts wherever you are in Malaysia !

I was at first kinda skeptical at first cause it wasn't like a gift where I would make for Myself but for my that special someone. And I would not be sure of his size at all and the printing quality might not be good.
Since we both are of different race , birthday horoscope and also from different country. I decided to DESIGN my own Cartoon inserting the countries we came from.
Left- Norway - Right Malaysia 
He is Cancer (Hermit crab)Horoscope whereas Im a Pisces(Fish).

Plus, this T-Shirt will always remind him and us on How we met and those long distance relationship , tough times we been through as we will always go through it together and find a way to be together not giving up on each other.

Awww~ ain't Pisces such a romantic horoscope? 
Well, the END Product came after 2 weeks of ordering process,
 and their customer service designers were so helpful in helping me out choosing the right size;
at last !!! I received my first ever custom make design from the Mail and It was exactly the same
 T-shirt size as he has !!! Plus, their printing, T-shirt quality were impressed me !
(The colour dye didn't came off as well !)


So here is some information on HOW EASY it is to order their T-shirts online !!
Get to their website 
then CLICK Design with SOBI or just click this link which directs you instantly
Well for Graphic Designers or those whom have their Designs made already,
It's SUPER EASY with just a CLICK UPLOAD !

Since I designed it on my own Adobe Illustrator, I used a PNG file so my background is transparent. and All I did was to Upload Image !! 

Custom Make T-Shirt Design for Noobs or Dummies 
Well, as for those whom have no idea about graphic design, you can just use their Design online and upload even a picture and insert any words you like to have on your T-shirt. 
Not to forget you also get to choose your T-shirt colours or add any Art designs available in their gallery ! So cool huh?!
Even my mum can order this on her own without any designing knowledge ! 

After choosing the Colour T-shirt you want,
You also can choose the Size
(Which if you are not Sure, you can click on the Size chart on the left top button and that chart helped me out a lot !)
And also if you are curious you can check out their Product Info too !

Once you are done with your design , you can click on the Right side on 

Another cool thing I found out was when I had a conversation with a friend of mine Cha Cha while we did Zombie Run event together. He told me that normal custom make design T-shirts most would give a minimum order so you would not waste their "TIME" and "Ink" ~ 
WAhhh got so Lansi (cocky) wan meh? Now come to think of it when we were students we also like to have our own Persatuan ( Society clubs) . Back then we also have someone's hand drawn rough design for their custom make Tshirts and then a minimum amount of student ordering the T-shirt in order to get the T-shirt printed out. 

YET,what's cool about this 
is that they are NOT LANSI~
No minimum order also ok ?! 
No PROBLEM ! My own design I order 1 piece also no problem :P
But if you wanna order more also can~
It's all up to you !
Once you are done with the payment,
You will then receive an email regarding your order
and then wait for your Product !

What's AWESOME about them is that this Month ! 

And mine Arrived So beautifully ~
With also a lovely cute message which was even signed by their CEO !
Cool huh?!

Don't you think we should support our local businesses?
Plus ! It's also unique to wear your own custom make design T-shirt than some Designers cause the Designer in You is always the BEST BRAND !
Be Proud of yourself and Brand it up ! 
It would sure be cool if someone ask you what Brand is your T-shirt and you can just reply
MY BRAND. i Designed it !
WOW ! I believed you would surprise or impress that somebody!

Do Share with others to let them know about this Custom make T-Shirt which is now Available in Malaysia ! 
Don't miss out their discount PROMO this month on FREE SHIPPING too !



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