Eel skin wallet review & texture我的鳗鱼皮钱包

Look, if you are not a fan of leather, please don't come here just to bash harsh comments on me, 
I got enough of that on Youtube already. 
So, cow leather is kinda common and here I wana share with you on how my eel skin looks purse like and it changes colour! Eel skin is also known as one of the toughest leather and since its a leather, it wont conduct electricty. Unagi for Eel is Japanese and it's my favourite sushi or Japanese dish. If you are wondering some exotic leather but not to those very smart animals, or extinct animals, you might try to consider eel as it's one of a unique leather from the underwater world.Here is a review on my Eel skin wallet and I hope it would open your eyes to know the variety of leather outthere apart from cow leather.
Anyways, here's my most exotic leather in my LIFE ! and
I just wana show it to you cause I think it's my PRECIOUS ~~
Any questions do let me know !


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