How to make Cheap and Easy Fake Blood 如何制作廉價和容易假血


Making Fake blood is extremely easy when it comes to being Asian.
One thing is realized that we have already ingrediants in our kitchen which can make fake blood within seconds and plus Only 2 ingrediants needed !
Ya ! No joke its super cheap, only 2 Ingrediants needed and take seconds or a minute to just get your desired fake blood.
Surely a great method for those whom wants fast making fake blood !
The best part of this fake blood is that its also kinds sticky or thick in liquid so it gives a gooey feel and would last long on the fake wound. 

Do try it out yourself and you would love it !
Any questions just fire away in the comments.


Some says she's a model or a zombie makeup artist. But I say she's tight ass wanderer and traveller.

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