Norwegian Housemates

So your moving to Norway or Screening through a New Housemate which came from Norway ?
Here's some Info about How Norwegians are as Housemates and 
Not to worry about them !!
They won't either show their Pirate viking skills nor Santa claus like generousity .
 If you have seen my other videos about Why Norwegians are so reserved, Or even Asians problems in Norway, you would realized these all relate when it comes to Living with Norwegian. If you have a Norwegian partner and you haven't live with them yet, or even moviing here for studies and might have a Norwegian housemate? Norway might be cold and so are their welcoming attitude among the Norwegians, however, there are pros towards their Norwegian culture which would surprise you as I find a lot of Beauty in the Norwegian attitude, humbleness and considerate attitude. These are rea life experiences from my stay with Norwegian families and also having norwegian housemates around even MEN/ Boys ! The Norwegian level of consideration is about the same as the Japanese as i used to though all europeans to be open minded and direct. Yet, the Norwegian people , culture sure opened my mind as I find my previous judgement of Europeans to be Wrong. So Thumbs up Norwegians ! You guys surely impressed the Asians and I believe the world should learn some of these good attitudes from you guys !
All the Best !!


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