Where to get Unique Custom Make Gifts Selangor ,Malaysia

Custom make Gifts in my personal opinion is one of the BEST Gifts you can give as a gifts to your Friends, Lovers, Families, company events, neighbours and even colleagues !

However, the company events would usually give poor quality( budget) custom make ones which usually have a Minimum Order. One cool thing now about having everything done easily online is that , ordering custom make gifts can be CHEAPER as they have online shops have NO COSTS
in opening a Booth or a shop!
 Here's where I get Cheap, Affordable Custom make gifts for my love ones ONLINE !
And Guess What? It's not a WEBSITE but just on FACEBOOK!
is located in Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia

However they do provide delivery services to all over Malaysia and
have a variety of products to choose from Custom make printing on Mugs,  iPhone Casing, Glitter Jigsaw Puzzle, Keychains and even on Cushions !!!

WOW ! I can't believe even Cushions !! That's my first time ever hearing that~ 
If you are having a crush on that Somebody, you can even Print her/ his face on it and HUG the cushion all time ! :D

To me, I love travelling and have printed lots of Photobooks and pictures on our travel but I had never ever got a JIGSAW Puzzle printed with my travel pictures on it !

What surprised me was that It's not a NORMAL JIGSAW Puzzle !
It's printed with LOVE words and Love symbols on it too !
How cool ?!!
I never thought such unique Jigsaw puzzle with Love word and Love designs can be printed out too !
This is in A4 size and it's quite a good piece cause if it gets bigger then Im gonna have problems with the arranging the Jigsaws all together.

Another cool thing is that, You can even give it as a gift and present it all in pieces so 
He/She that receives it gotta take time to rearrange them and might find it a CHALLENGE !
Well, my picture is VERY hard cause the water ripples looks soo ALIKE !
Think of it, the first impression of that person would go like 
:AHHHHH~ Lame Jigsaw puzzle Gift Again~
But then once they arranged it they would then realize 
WTF !!! It's ME in that picture ! or
OMG! It's OUR picture ~! That's soooo Unique !!
Then you guys would end up in Hugs and Kisses :P
 Well, Next, I also got a custom make Keychains for Our 
new future Home and having a Custom make Keychain is a good reminder to that person or yourself
that :
or maybe just a reminder of your love every time he/ she finds their car keys or work locker keys.
Personally, such custom make gift is perfect for like Weddings, Valentines, Father's/ Mothers Day, Birthdays and even Proposals ! 

Well, These Key chains actually is a reminder to HIM as 
He proposed in Maldives and those pictures were from Maldives.
  Whereas, the Vietnam Puzzle gift was a Thank you Surprise to him for my 5th year in Norway. 
Time sure flies fast and these custom make gifts I make personally is a show of gratitude to my lover for the wonderful travels we had all these years together and also a reminder to us about the parts of the World we stepped on.

And to think about Nowadays, we lack in appreciating pictures we took as taking pictures is so easy and there is no need to printing them Out as they are available online on clouds. But what if, What if one day the world has lost all the Data information and no electricity. At least, these printed images will leave us some good memory of what we had been through or where we had been as we all know our memories fades as time passes.
 So instead of investing on Branded goods for that love one as a give, why not get them a personal custom item which would always remind them of your love and presence in their life and how much you appreciate them and will never forget them ever.

Well, if you are in Malaysia or even Overseas and you think these custom made gifts are Cool & wanna get them at a cheap affordable price! Just message Infinite Dream ART
facebook and they will attend to your needs and design !!



HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at feliciazoe@live.com..

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