How to travel , visit, see Norway on a Budget Cheaply | 如何在挪威便宜旅行

WELCOME TO Norway !!
Visit Norway : 10  Ways to Travel Norway on a Budget
Norway a land of beautiful nature, fjords, glaciers, mountains, sea, salmon, oil, etc. This country has always been listed in many sites as one of the most expensive country in this world to travel to. However, there are still some loop holes in this country where you can still travel cheaply on a budget and yet still able to enjoy all of the beautiful nature in Norway. Here are just some recommendations to budget which might be helpful for avid travellers whom want to view the gorgeous nature in Norway and know the ways on getting discounts and cheap tickets travelling around Norway.After all it's all up to your Budget level on how much are you willing to spent over here in Norway. I am not a master in Budgeting however here are just some things i found out i Norway which can make your trip cheaper and within your budget. Do let me know if you have more tips on this as well ! I would love to hear those whom travelled in Norway and found out some cheap ways to survive or explore this country too !

Norway is such a beautiful country with lots of scenic natures.
Even within Oslo city, you can take a summer break out into the islands and feel in the wilderness within just a 10min ferry ride.

 Or go out in the farms in check out their cute horses

And not to miss out their gorgeous architectures in the city

Experiencing some Viking history and ambience 
Not to forget their Majestic beautiful architecture - The Opera House

 And have a great time enjoying Sun and cold norwegian fjord waters.


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