Back from Lofoten, North Norway 2016 !

This summer holiday we decided to explore northern NORWAY !!!
It's been awhile since i last blogged with words as I had been also busy with video editing on 
Do check my Youtube page out for more infos about Norway !

It's been my dream to cross the artic circle and get to mesmerise at the beauty of the northern parts of  this country. Anyways, we are flying off to Japan in few days so here's 
some short information on how we get there and I will be sharing more information on our travel later on. 

My utmost favourite photo was this shot taken on Reinebringen.
Taken with my Huawei P7 which was just stolen last week in Malaysia ! 
(URGHHH the agony of facing crime in my homeland  !!!)
Anways, it sure served me well for 1 year and Im glad that I didn't lost much precious photos.
a total 15hour train ride, changing 1 time at Trondheim.
First arrival place, Bodø
Where we had a lovely day fishing by one of the strongest current (Saltstrømmen)

And then went for a BBQ by some secret beach and a nice skinny dipping :P 

 PLUS Then, again SUSHI for dinner ~ BLOATED !!
Next morning, we caught the ferry from Bodø to Moskenes.
Spending 2 nights in Å where again I dipped in the super cold river!
 Enjoyed the view

And Breakfast!

Hiking to Tinds Top

 And reached the top to find ourselves being alone. The trekking path was surely unclear and quite dangerous.

 Spotted my first Giant Kettle, aka Jettegryte in nature.
And enjoyed the HUGE MOON

Next, 3 nights in Reine was surely amazing !!!
  Great weather and mysterious mist all around only Reine area !
 And lots of SUN TOO ! Who would knew north norway can be quite warm in the sun as well !
 PS ! Reinebringen is also a dangerous hike due to their crazy loose rocks!

 AND we caught a fish which had another fish in the mouth and another digested fish in the stomach !
Dried norwegian fish monster ! Their teeth are scary !!!!!!

Thats all for now !! Now i can say i have been to a place which the name is only 1 alphabet !

Hope you enjoy the photos !


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