My Autumn in Japan fashion outfit 2015-2016


Autumn is coming and here are some of my fashion outfit which 
I had worn last year travelling in Japan.

Most of my outfits were bought in Japan and I have no idea what brand they are.
Sometimes I just buy them cause I like the colour, design and not the brand.

Ps. I purchase heat tech skin colour stockings and they were surely worth buying cause it kept my legs quite warm in the cold autumn weather.

Location: Hirosaki, Aomori 
Wool top + High waist white shorts + Heat tech stockings/pantyhose + blue coat
Super comfy Japanese  golden ballerina shoes 
( not that pretty but sure is comfortable for walking more than 5hours !)
Karl Lagerfeld beige leather bag

Location: Tokyo
Banana taipei bag
Location : Matsuya, Tokyo
Location : Hirosaki castle, Aomori
 Location: Kuroishi , Aomori
 Location, Nearby Kuroishi, some Mt

 Location : Shiobara

 Location : Morioka , Mt Hachimantai
 Location : Lake Towadako

Location : Tsuroka

 Location : Yamadera

 Location : Zao Mt
 Location : Hyugo beach side, Kyushu

 Location : Akita

 Location : Omagari
 Location : Akita
 Location: Nikko
Location : Aomori city harbour

 Location : Kurokawa Onsen

Lastly, not to miss out being in a Birthday suit in Japan !!!!
 Location : Omnikobe Onsen, Tohoku

Thanks, hope this would inspire those finding on what to wear in Japan !

Fashion outfit inspiration: Popteen magazine, Lisa Lisa outfits, ViVi, mina, Ray

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