Asian Trying Norwegian Candy and Chocolates

Ever wondered how Norwegian chocolate taste like?
Or are you coming to Norway and thinking of trying out Norwegian products?
Apart from the salmon, don't miss out the Norwegian chocolates as they are one of a kind !

Norwegian chocolates are one of the best souvenir to buy back !
Why? Because you can't get it as it is not a very common brand in Europe or Asia.
 I mean seriously you can never ever find Norwegian chocolates in Asia. However, the Norwegian chocolate would probably find problems to stay in shape in warm countries. The chocolate has a rich butter taste as it feels more creamy and rich in flavour as compared to the Asian chocolates. If you not a fan of sweet and fatty milky buttery chocolate, Norwegian chocolates might not be of your taste. However, I do think the various variety of Norwegian chocolates are quite interesting to try out. The among Norwegian chocolates I would be trying out is out of 2 different brands, Freia and Nidar. 

Coming from Malaysia, candy and chocolates taste different than the Norwegian candy , chocolate or confectionery products which was bought in Norway. Yes, Norway ! Cause we are in Norway and it's like impossible to find Norwegian products back in Asia. We were told that most Norwegians are proud of their chocolate ! Here are some lists of the Norwegian chocolate products that she had tried:
Nidar Smor Bruk
Nidar Chocolate Milk
Freia Mondalez Oreo Chocolate
Freia Modalez Yoghurt berry oatmeal chocolate
Extras: Nugatti tube
Sfinx Confectionery Nidar Chocolate
Freia Chocolate sauce

Special guest : Lina the cat 



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