How's it like Homestaying in Japan

Thanks to one of our friend's recommendations, 
we met a  really nice family in Narita. 
Narita was out of our way as our return flight is from Hanaeda airport. 
Nevertheless, we decided to stay with this family host as we were keen to know about them.

Our first night arriving had surpass our expectations!
A specially architecture house with doors that looks like wall.
Meaning, once you enter the front door, you'd be confuse to find the next opening door and so as it as inside ! We sure had problem finding the door to the toilet !
We were welcomed to a ready made dinner, a super delicious sashimi dish together with homemaking takoyaki.

What's special is that i can choose to avoid the ginger and add cheese in it.
 Well, Brie cheese tako yaki, turns out to be super delicious !!
 We then continued to wonder around their ninja door house to shower and prep for sleeping time.
 Their bathroom amused us ! LiKE WOW !! THE BEST HOME BATHROOM EVER !!
It sure felt like an onsen. Even the public bathhouse aren't as nice and private as this !
 They even placed those bathsalt in it providing relaxing aroma while soaking in the hottub.
 And the night, we slept super well but to wake up in awe after we opened the windows to find out what a beautiful garden it is here !!
 And so does the living room gets to enjoy the garden view. There is so much natural sunlight into this house.

 not to foget a cute old cat who loves okonomiyaki fish flakes.
 Their toilet is automated, the seats just open up everytime we open the door and step in.
 And next to their house, we walked to their mum's house where it's all old japanese style.
 a beautiful garden with lots of fruits
 Everywhere ! From mini oranges- mikan , to Yuzu( sour orange), some melons, vegetables ... etc!
 She even dries her own chilli
 And I got to try her homemade Umeboshi. Ummmmmm~ that was yummy!!
 And then a day out visiting Narita-san temple area which was huge and super pretty !!!
 A night tasting different japanese liqour.
 And squid kimchi which turned out to taste so good !!
 Not to forget, I made Malaysian curry with salad, wasabi dressing~
 And they fried some Hotatae,SUPER DELICIOUS !!!!! I have no idea what spice was in it but it was the best ever i had with a nice BBQ taste!
 The lady was super talented and played piano so well, we even karaoke together !! Super fun !!
 And not only that, she played, Taiko drum where I got to try out as well
 And also the Koto, which is super long compared to the chinese GUZheng, the music was as well different.
 Look at the Koto music sheet !!! It's written mostly in Numbers, 1- 10 in kanji
 Lastly, another instrument she plays, the Shamisen !! Amazing talent isn't she?!!
These are the kind of people that makes us love Japan even more.. 8th time to Japan and still counting....So if you have the chance, do try homestaying with the locals and they would make your stay more memorable !!


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