Latest Cost of living in Norway 2016 - 2017

At last! This is the Latest, Newest Updated Version of the Cost of Living in Norway, Oslo for this year 2016 and 2017. Well, at least I hope the inflation won't rise that much. To my surprise, within these 4 years, the inflation price of goods is not that much as compared to the bubbling property prices. Seriously like i mean people whom bought property 4 years ago in Oslo are like RICH now!! Dear Norwegians, do confirm with me if this is true or not cause all my friends are complaining a lot about the increasing prices of properties in Oslo. Well, if you don't mind the rural parts of Norway with lots of beauty of the nature, the properties in outskirts aren't that expensive. All the above listed prices of goods and services as well as tax prices are researched by me in Oslo. Norway. In Oslo, Norway,  here are some experience on what I faced when I came to Oslo,Norway and knowing the Cost of living back then in Norway as a tourist was sure shocking. However, Norwegians living in Norway would not have any problems as such living in Norway is affordable based on their working income. Thus, I am slowly getting use to also not getting surprise with prices these days instead more surprise of the inflation rising in my own country Malaysia. (it's still not as expensive as Norway though)
 Meanwhile, I'd  be doing some other videos about these years what have a learnt in Norway so far. ALL About Norway is something what I am working on currently so I can help out those that are curious on the Norwegian Life, Culture and of course what to see and experience in this beautiful country, Norway.
So let me know what are you curious about of Norway living and culture, and I will try to make more videos and information regarding it. 
Recorded Location is in Oslo,Norway


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