Asiatisk Jente se på SKAM og har en Kultursjokk

First time watching SKAM and has been through check out all the 3 Seasons of the SKAM drama and here is my honest reaction about these norwegian teenage children which are totally different from Asia. I am learning Norwegian and I find SKAM very helpful for me to learn Norwegian ! Learning Norwegian through watching a drama I like is fun and helps me a lot to improve in watching SKAM. The difference in Asian and Norwegian culture sure gives a huge culture shock reaction. Skam in Norway is such a realistic drama showing the real life of teenagers and what they face so adults can understand better. The latest season 3 which include isak and even in Skam about the Homosexuality and gay problems made this drama more popular internationally as they stand out among the normal teenage drama these days. Isak and Even were great actors that not only potray problems with homosexuality, gay , self finding but also some mental issues which love can overcome. SKAM not only scored 9/10 in 1mdb but also has great ratings and recommendations from youtubers around the globe. Skam drama production was made by the radio station P3.

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 If you can't understand Norwegian, try this website link for English Subs on tumblr.

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