Jeg har aldri bodd i Norge men jeg kan snakke norsk


Most of my videos are mainly about Norway and the Norwegian culture and being not a Norwegian doesnt make me the perfect person to say accurate information about Norway. I do make mistakes in some information but I try my best to research on internet and explain things out through my experience staying short period in Norway. Plus, since I have not been living in Norway, my experience of Norway and the norwegian culture refreshes each time I am back to Norway. I had been staying short period in Oslo and Arendal while I am here on tourist visa. This is a BIG question replying to all the curious viewers of mine and thanks so much for the support and great comments to motivate me to make more videos about my experience in Norway. The Norwegian culture is so unique as well as the language and this video is also the first time I speak fully in Norwegian. Im not perfect in speaking Norwegian yet but I do enjoy having coversations with Norwegian people. I can understand it feels like back to school, back to kids life where your IQ level feels so low and it can be hard in expressing yourself in Norwegian or joining a coversation of intellectual Norwegians. Do not give up learning norwegian and try to watch more Norwegian TV, Norwegian Radio,Norwegian Medias, Norwegian Films, movies,etc to improve your Norwegian language.

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