Asian girl skis for the first time.


Lahti 2017 in Finland, Adrian Solano from Venezuela might be the worst cross country skier ever but that is maybe because it is his first time skiing. Well, to compare, I had also never ski in my life and this is the first time me skiing on some hill in Oslo, Norway. 
This is my first time skiing and it's not the best condition of snow but I just wanted to learn it. The skis arent my size but i was still able to use it so Im happy to try out eventhough it is not my size. Malaysia does not have snow at all and never ever had. It is located at the equator line so it is warm and humid all year round. That is why I get super excited to try out winter sports or games that I had never experienced in my life. Back in Malaysia , I do roller skating when I was young so maybe it helped me in learning to ski the freestlye way.
Ps, this video is for fun and document my first time skiing after watching Adrian Solano amazing stunts.

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