Affordable Premium Hair Coloring and Treatment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Recently, my hair has been really messed up and I had refrained from dying it too often since it got super dry during the last winter season back in Norway. When I told my friends in Norway that I was going for a hair dye, they were surprised and worried if I would go for a daring colour. Well, we all know that the current hair fashion is a set of rainbow or pastel hair colour and unfortunately, since I travel so often, it would be a pain to maintain these colours. Plus, my hair ends are about to dry and feels super brittle from all the previous hair colouring and chemical perms. Moreover, my experience with previous salon was not that pleasant as some would not present the kind of hair colour I want.

Now, if you are worrying about your dry, brittle hair. Or even salons that are unprofessional with hair colouring services. Here is one of the best, professional and most affordable hair colour and treatment services in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley area, The Hair Color Expert. Their services are only Hair Colouring and Treatment which means, they do not cut your hair. In all means, they are always 100% on a daily hair dying and treatment routine basis. Which means, they focus so much on colouring hairs daily that they are professional in giving customers exactly what kind of colours they want and plus, not damaging the customers hair. Very often, we always want that specific hair colour but then that hair colour we want so badly, might damage our hair so bad that it becomes so brittle and causes hair fall.

One thing special about The Hair Colour expert is that their Hair colouring products are Ammonia free which is less harmful towards our hair scalp and hair as well. Not only that, upon entering, you will be given a free consultation regarding your hair needs and their services charges which are printed out clearly to prevent any misunderstanding or miscommunication between the hairstylist and client.  

It was quite easy to find The Hair Color Expert in Sri Petaling and there is ample parking area in the parking house just behind their shop. Their entrance was appalling, sharp and different from a normal salon concept as their pink cute octopus mascot stood out among the rest as well their their HUGE affordable price tag from as low as RM48.90 for short hair onwards.

 Their staffs were surely friendly and even arriving on a Wednesday, they still look quite busy!

Nevertheless, I waited 2 mins and then was ready for a consultation for my hair.
First time ever I got a hair consultation where I get to point out the hair colour that I want from a big book with real hair colour samples !

Sean honestly informed me about how brittle my hair was and told me he would not bleach my hair at all instead using a milder colour to balance out my different hair tones due to the previous hair highlights .

To make it simple, here’s a diagram of the process if you are lazy to read so much of the details of my experience. Plus, it also states here their Nett-fixed price no extra charges !
The first stage was decolouring my dark base.  He also informed me it's not bleaching.
And that really balanced my hair colour resulting me to look really blonde for only 3mins!
Well, at least I got to take a picture to see how I look like in Blonde hair.

Moreover, I was given a timer with an alarm to remind the employees my hair is done, free Wi-Fi password and a charger port for me to charge my phone while getting the hair done!

Next, It was the process of colouring the colour I wanted.
Well, this part would take some time as they had to balance up my hair colour so it’s even and not so messy like before. The employee as also very kind to offer me drinks and kept asking if I was hungry or not. Then, when she was done with my hair, I realized they actually have a café in their shop!!

Like literally a café with a keyboard, microphone and self-service drinking bar of coffee, milo, biscuits and many more!  Come on, for RM48.90 (short hair and including GST) plus all these services, how worth is this !!Most of the time, while waiting for the hair colour to set in, we would sit in front of the mirror feeling awkward and playing our phones. 

Even if you come with friends,  wouldn't you feel awkward talking so much private things in front of the employees ? 

Such café corner not only gives us customers the privacy as well as a cosy feeling while waiting for our hair colour to set in.

Last but not least, I want to share with you guys this video of the Nano Hair Treatment I did for my hair which made a huge difference to my hair. I was recommended this Nano Hair treatment which is just an add in Rm68.90( including GST!) and just in time to try out their new machine that came from Korea ! After washing off the hair dye, my hair was lathered with hair mask cream in a hair massage manner and then followed by this "Steam Pump" in a hair dryer form which took about 15minutes.

The machine behind this Signature Korea Nano Hair Treatment @RM68.90

 According to Sean: "This machine uses special mineral water to give an instant hair moisturising impact onto the hair. " My hair is very brittle and I can say, I couldn’t feel my brittle hair ends right after the treatment.
 Plus,  they did not even put any hair oil or essence on my hair at all!

And here's the video of me getting this treatment within 15minutes only !

It looks super steamy and I feel quite bad for the employees, they have to treat such long hair of mine which requires lots of patience and skill.
Usually if we go for hair treatment, normal salons will use a steamer but sometimes, it gets too warm on the top of the head . Now, it does makes sense that this Nano-treatment works more effectively as the steam is direct on the hair, pumping in moisture from the treatment mask.

Last but not least, I got the hair I wanted! An even hair colour which is the Ash brown that I usually can’t achieve before because my hair colour always ended up golden blonde instead.
This is the colour which isn't too bright for my skin tone, perfect for my new simple look.
Thanks to Hair Color Expert,I am 100% sure my friends and family in Norway would be satisfied with my new simple hair colour !
Thanks to Jen Wai for recommending me this place too !
 Pst.. My Gfs have also planned their next hair color services here too.

BEFORE- Messy brown hair                                         

Now- Neat and nice Ash Brown hair colour

My honest verdict after 1 week.
Especially right after I got home, I realize the hair coloring treatment smell was not that strong as compared to the ones I had before.  I followed their advice, did not swim and showered my hair only after 2 days. And as for my hair color, it still lasts and thankfully the ash colour is still there.  Honestly, my hair does not feel as brittle as before as well.

So, if you want a Great experience, proffessional  hair coloring result for your hair colouring or treatment services in KL Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, do come by Sri Petaling Hair Color Expert to get your hair done from as low as RM48.90 !
The price is surely worth it especially with all the services they provide in -house !

Opening hours
10:00 to 20:00

For their latest promotion updates or
Hair Color Makeover Bookings call 03-9544 2089

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