Barbie eyelands contact lens review

Ever since I went to Norway, I have changed my contact lens design and colour choices as the norwegians find crazy coloured contact lens weird.
Most of my Norwegians friends would come up to me and ask, 
what's wrong with you eyes ?

To be honest, I never felt so uncomfortable being asked and then, slowly, I
learnt that it was not them making me uncomfortable.
It was me , myself, being uncomfortable with my own natural eye colours.

Ever since then, I only would purchase the types of contact lenses that looks natural and has the colour similar to my eyes.
Dark Brown or dark grey

Most of the contact lenses that I had tried before, some would last for a month and then I would feel super uncomfortable wearing it for the next month.

Upon trying out the Barbie Eyelands Contact lens, I realized their contact lens were actually very comfortable and could last me more than 1 month.
Furthermore, If you had realized, my no makeup face would also look very natural with this contact lens. The diameter of this lens is not bigger than my iris only 14mm , causing it not to cover parts of the white section of my eyes.

As you can see the lens colour is not too black and there is a nice faded blending spread around this rim so it won't look too unatural. Which is the reason why I like this design as well as it enhances the iris naturally just like the eyes of babies.

What I like is also it does not tear up easily and does not make my eyes dry.
The Barbie eyelands contact lens however will last only up to max 3 months as then It will start to feel a bit uncomfortable. 
To cleanse my contact lenses thoroughly, I use AO Sept Plus solution instead of the normal Multi purpose solution. 

I got to know about this Ao Sept Plus Solution  in Korea and Japan 
and most of my friends in Japan recommended this kind of contact lens solution as it 
cleanses the contact lens much better than the normal multipurpose solution.
Well, if you prefer more crazy colour contact lenses,
Barbie Eyelands also do have other kinds of contact lens colour especially on their facebook page.

I hope this review is helpful for you.
I really do recommend Barbie Eyelands as I feel their contact lens quality is quite good and
it's definitely very worth with the price they offer.

Thanks for reading !
Go be Beautiful!


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