Beware of these Facebook Social Influencer Scam

first of all,
I'M sharing with you this out of my own thoughts and I have never been scammed so far as I'm very cautious when it comes to the internet.

Being a social media influencer, our life can be challenging with dealing with all sorts of clients. I believe that being in this line we not only must stand firm in our "value packages" but also being aware and careful not to fall into phishing scams that will ruin our brand efforts.

Here's one of the email examples I had received recently and this email was surely
This company call GRAMCELEB approached me out of no where in my mail.
So , is Gram Celeb  legitimate ? or is it a scam ?

So , I get it, he means, I might earn up to 100 dollars( might not be guaranteed)
Number 2 part sounds Like there is a SIGNUP FEE 50dollars.
and Lastly, luring the innocent ones into filling up the form.

So, since they got my email and know my fb link, why do they need my phone number? 
Doesn't this Agreement sound fishy?
Where is the contract agreement stating I agree to the statement above ?
Don't you think so ?

Then, going onto their page and looking further for info and details,
Brands we serve,( service?)
Those brands in the slides were not close to brands, No name items 
Non branded pictures of products.

 Now up there they stated 280+brands they serviced ?
Why are they so shy to place those proper brands or famous ones they had worked with ?

 Now, I went in further to check out of curiousity when this site was built ?
Febuary 22, 2017 and now May 12, 2017
Within just 2 months + this company has serviced 280+ brands and uses a WORDPRESS format site?

Here's the proof its a Wordpress format.

 The site is made with wordpress and they have plenty of dead end links and they haven't even removed standard wordpress-descriptions. 
For Example here:

Such an amature. Even Google Searches show very few or none hits. 
It's either a Small/new/totally unknown website which doesn't show the brands they work for and where does the 280+ brands come from? If they did collaborate with 280+brands from Feb 22 til May 12, There will be searches on googles of clients they have worked with. 

Now, I then search on Facebook business to see if others received the same thing.
And this is what I had found out about this same concept where they control your facebook manager ads and pay you an amount in return.

Even the Facebook employee states that this would be a scam and informed them to report it immediately. Well, since mine is messaged through email, Im not sure if my report to facebook would work anyhow.

But All I can see the comments here majority were negative and some stated that links they provided contained virus.

Therefore, my curiousity just stopped at this level as I would not want to risk my details, information and lastly, my personal account to be hacked nor virus attack on my precious work station.

Bottom line, I hope that all social inflencers out there to be aware of such things
and not allowing these scammers to take advantage of us.
I might be wrong about this company but I would rather not risk for a new company
that is not being honest about their brand collaboration and information online.
TO me, their untrustworthy page shows how fishy and risky this company is.

I have disabled comments for my blog, 
if you guys need any advices just hit the contact button and 
message me ! 

I won't bite yea !



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