Dr H & Co Perfume Review - Strong EDP Perfume that lasts for days

Have you ever felt like your perfume doesn’t last long and at the end of the day, you still feel so stinky in this hot Malaysian weather and forgot to bring your perfume cause you left the huge bottle at home? Always lost your perfume caps ? Problems with those fragile glass bottle perfume and broke them while travelling? Plus, are you tired of those bulky perfumes and going broke because your favourite perfume is so freaking expensive? And Air Asia is currently so strict with the weight issue you have to not bring your favourite perfume while trave
lling because it’s too heavy?!

Here’s a solution for you perfume lovers!!
Dr H & CO is the new perfume brand with a super strong EDP range of perfume that lasts up to 2 days ! No joke !!! At least for me it last for 2 days.
Just note that if you have sensitive skin, don’t spray on your skin just on your clothes yea !
Recently, I got this Dr H&CO Rrezatues perfume online for only RM30 ( launch price ) for their super strong
EDP perfume (Hugo Boss red inspired)!

Can you believe this stylist perfume bottle is even cheaper than those 
branded Travel perfume bottles ?

I know Hugo Boss Red is a man perfume but I like it especially on men that uses this perfume and then ever since then I decided to get this for my own since I like it too!
( so I don’t fall into the perfume trap of men in this perfume !) Hahahahaha
Gender equality alright!!
Honestly, at first I was quite sceptical since they claim it to be Ultra strong but on my first spray,
I seriously went like WOW ! This smell is much stronger than the original one, I LOVE IT !
Then, I just had a super nice day feeling so good cause I could smell this nice perfume aroma like a nice aroma therapy. It’s true when they say Aroma can affect our mood and emotions!
The shocking this after shower the next day and I smell my wrist and still can smell that perfume!
I was totally impressed on how I didn’t have to spray perfume so often anymore.
But what surprised me and made me fell in love was their packaging ! 

Here’s a video I made opening their packaging.

For RM30, Super Chio ! Super classy right ?
It totally matches like rose gold phone, jewellery and watches!
Don’t you think the Dr H&Co is also a super Insta-worthable picture?

And if you don’t like gold(Rrezatues), they got rose gold (Passio)(inspired by Paris Hilton) , Silver(Soon to be launched),(Ethiros) purple ( Inspired by Midnight Fantasy)  and Red (Grina)(Inspired by Selena Gomez )!!

Most of all the twist idea!
I always have this problem losing the perfume caps especially those small ones. Plus, if you misplaced the perfume and leave it open for some time, your precious perfume would evaporate!
So this twist concept it super smart and I would never worry about loosing the perfume cap anymore!

Moreover, its lightweight and definitely not a glass outer case which would make me worry less about my perfume bottle breaking in my handbag or luggage. 

SMELL:  Very Long Lasting

So do you want to smell good whole day without spraying perfume many times?
Here just Hit up their FB page and Instagram to give them a LIKE
, follow up on their promotions and latest perfume production!
They are just finished with their free perfume giveaway content on their FB page

So do stay tuned with more offers that they would be offering !

Do also Pm them to get your favourite perfume shipped right up to your doorstep !
Plus, their products are sure selling fast cause their 2nd batch is out of stock already !


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