Jonlivia Slimming Shaper and Hotpants Review

Hey Guys ! 
I have been having a crazy busy week with lots of events going on and 
have been eating a lot of delicious food !
Due to this. I realized I had gained some weight and got to this product which 
I had known of for some time for their nice highwaist pants 
which works as a slimming pants as well  !

Ps. It's  the Jonlivia Hotpants !

What I like is that it's not just plain black but there is stripe on the side which sort of lengthen my legs making me look taller  !

I wore this to the Miss Chinese World 2017 Press Conference and to be honest,
some even came and asked me about my pants !

Guess what, my top is also their Jonlivia Slimming Shaper.
Can you believe I'm like wearing some shaping wear whole day and no one even realized it ?
I even pinned the middle part of the slimming shaper to look a bit much sexy than the other beauty peagents . Well, I have to stand out among them since I don't have their height right ?

It didn't took long for the items to arrive and I like how elegant their packaging is as well.
On the Hotpants, it's written made in Taiwan and 100%Genuine
85 % Neoprene and 15 % Nylon.
I didn't know what is Neoprene and so i googled it and realized it's a kind of synthethic rubber
and it's used in many industries and when I first got it ,
I thought this Hotpants looks like Wetsuit.
 As u can see the material is quite thick but if u don't wear the right undies for this pants, the seam line of your underwear might be obvious, so best wear it with the Jonlivia seamless spandax underwear yea !!
I also tried other outfit styles and it looked super stylish even for spring wear and matches perfectly with a pair of boots.

I love it being highwaist as well, makes me look taller and tugs in my tummy !

THE Jonlivia Hotpants material is like those diving water outfit but then then side of it is a long strip of spandex or nylon fabric material.
Thus, it doesn't look like a wetsuit at all even while wearing it out for my events or even daily wear to shopping mall !

What I realise is that it really is tight and feels warm on my first try. Apart from that, my whole body did not sweat but only my legs are sweating due to this pants.

My fiance even realized how warm my hands are, like it seems it regulates also my blood circulation!

I did some research and found out also other brands using Neoprene selling in US to test if this hotpants is really effective in loosing weight. The research shows women exercising in this hotpants burns calories 11% more than normal and increases the heart rate while exercising  as well.

My 1 week Verdict
Moreover, I did not feel sweaty while wearing this.
What kind of magic pants is this ? I thought to myself. 
When I got back and remove the pants, I can feel how sweaty my legs are but then the legs
does not feel sticky at all after and it just dries off quicky.
I had been wearing it almost daily for a week now even going to the cinemas and karaoke and it does feels like this pants also retains the moisture of my skin and without putting any moisturising cream, my legs feels much smoother !

Does it Smell ?
Since you would swet very often beneath it and their recommendation to wash is only cold hand wash, I actually haven't washed it for a week . Why? Cause it does not smell and all I do when I get back is just air dry it. But then, since it's new, It smell like a new plastic rubber material and I love that smell. 

Plus, I also got their Underpants which feels like a light seemless spandax material and 
I Love it ! It  get sweaty inside the pants but then it dries quickly  after removing it and my arse sure feels very cooling after. 

However,  If you think wearing this pants would make your legs look slimmer,
Yes, for those whom have thicker thighs and legs as their tight material would tighten them well and the dark colour works as a slimming magic !
Most of you guys know I'm not that chubby enough for this material to tighten my fats up even if it's S size. Even though this S size pants is quite tight but I do realize the material after all, like wetsuit , it's quite thick. So, it is not like my normal spandex sports pants which is super thin and tight which even shows my muscles. But, I do think it's not to thick as I wouldn't look like I have an elephant leg after wearing it. 
Plus, it's worth it with the overall long term slimming effect, fits for any kind of occasion, sports, keeps my legs moisturised and does not feel sweaty at all !
I think it's really worth it !
Plus, since it keeps you warm, it fits perfectly for winter weather . 
I can totally skip wearing longjohns during winter. 

Next, my verdict on the 
Jonlivia Slimming Shaper.
Corsets nowadays are totally
impossible to match an outfit or wearing them out as some might look too sexy or too warm for our weather.

Since my tummy has increased in size due to the delicious Malaysian foods, I chose the Slimming Shaper!

I tried wearing it and had to squeeze my body in since it was quite tight.
Worrying that my stretching would make this material loose, but it actually did not and did a great
job in tucking in my spare tyre tummy !

Honestly, It's my first time wearing a corset like this which feels very comfortable even while eating a buffet lunch at the event. 



Well, ladies if you are wondering if their quality is worth it or not?
To be honest, for the price you pay, you get actually much more worth than that !
Do you even know how expensive a wet suit or diving suit would cost ?
The Hotpants I must say is one of a kind. I had never had such pants that is able to retain my moisture,
slimming effect, increase blood circulation, suitable for all kinds of weather, 
exercising and even going out to events !

Well, I hope this helps you in finalising your decision and 
don't forget to just depend on these products to slim down.
As most important is to exercise and stay healthy as all these comes in a circle
of beauty, wellness and a healtheir life !

After all, there is no ugly women , just lazy women.

Go Be Beautiful !


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