Ladyup Mate Vibration Facial Brush Cleanser Review

Cleansing Brush is currently the in-trend as a part of our daily face wash routine.
I had never used facial brush so often back then but now it's like a must have everytime when I need to remove my makeup and cleanse my face.

Apart from Pobling Facial Brush, I also got this Ladyup Mate Vibration Facial Brush Cleanser 
which looks much more unique and classy.

One thing I like about the Ladyup Mate Vibration facial brush cleanser is that 
It can stand on its own and I do not need to have a base for it to be balanced.

This vibration facial brush only uses 1 battery and has 10,000vpm which to me, is good enough.
That's because my oily combination skin might produce more pimples due to strong vibration or face massage.
What I like about this just like the Pobling Facial cleanser brush, they both have super fine and soft brush bristle.
While washing the face with this facial brush, I usually don't feel the brush porking my skin or the feeling as if it's scraping off a layer of my skin. Another thing I do realize is that, if a haven't use this brush to wash my face removing the make up, I would have new blackheads and white heads popping out the next day. Which means using the facial brush cleanser does helps in removing the tiny impurities stuck in my pores.
However, after sometime of comparison, 
I realized the Ladyup mate vibration does feels like it helps with some facial lifting due to the design in comparing with the Pobling facial brush cleanser.

The 3 different tiny brushes allow to reach corner and parts where the big brush like Pobling cant reach to.

The Pobling facial brush cleanser however cleanses the face much faster as it feels like one piece that sweeps through the face.

Might not be that waterproof so refrain from using it while showering.

Sometimes, I also do get worried about the thin connectors to the side brush handle of the Ladymate Vibration Facial brush as they seem to be easily breakable so I will not bring it when I travel.

The cleansing time takes much longer and sometimes I might wonder if I ever get to wash my whole face evenly since this design is in 3 parts.

Lastly, I do think this Ladyup Mate Vibration Facial Brush is worth the buy especially for those whom focus more on face lifting than cleansing. The person also needs to have lots of patience as well while cleansing as it feels like it would take a longer time !

So, if you got patience, needs face lifting and not need that deep cleansing,
the Ladyup Mate would be the perfect choice for you !

More info about this product from Korea,
check out!


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